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Intro Services
Hair & Product

15-minute conversation between you and your stylist about your hair goals (not color) and service options. Your hair must be loose and visible to the stylist.

Pearl fee

Conversation between you and your stylist about your desired look, texture, purchase options, and price.


This service is necessary for anyone interested in permanent color. Hair must be loose during your consultation so the stylist can determine if color is a healthy option for you. Strand/Patch test included!

Disclaimer: The consultation agreement cannot be changed unless another consultation is performed. The consultation will be voided after 2 months or if the condition of the hair has been compromised by chemical services or medical conditions.

Combing through hair that has not been detangled prior to visiting. $25 per 15+ minute, ask stylist.

Deep Cleanse

Remove excessive hair and scalp build-up. 

Long Hair/ Thick Hair/ Tight Curls

Hair that is beyond a certain threshold, ask stylist.

Style/w-Scalp Therapy

Shampoo and long hair styling with a straight silk finish. For relaxed hair.

Mold/w-Scalp Therapy

Shampoo and short hairstyling with a silk finish. Preferred for women with relaxed hair.

Silk Press/w- Scalp Therapy

Shampoo and pressed leaves your hair with body, straight or curled, it looks like silk. Great for natural hair or if you are transitioning out of relaxers. Longer than shoulder-length hair & up

New Clients
Silk Press & Hydration Mister

Includes deep cleanse.

Relaxer & Style

With Hydration Mister.

Natural Styling

Includes deep cleanse and hot oil treatment.

Color & Style

Deep cleanse, semi-color with moisturizer.

Relaxer, Color, Style w/Steamer

Extra fees may apply of extra length and thickness.

Relaxer & Conditioner Touch-up

Relaxer touch-up application focuses on just the new growth roots. No longer than 2 inches or 12 weeks. Of new growth. More than that, a virgin relaxer. Includes styling for longer hair.


Relaxer service for someone that has more than 2 inches of new growth or first-time relaxer service, deep condition styling is included. Extra for longer and thicker hair.

Keratin Treatment Express

Reduces curls for some and straightens hair for others for several months while leaving the hair looking healthier than before the treatment. The protein bonds to the hair to improve growth and minimize breakage for 4 months. Even if you do not necessarily want straight hair, you can keep your curls but increase manageability (styling) and eliminate frizz.

Custom Cuts (Added Services)
Advance Cut

Initial cut to address the damage of split ends (should be followed up max 8 wks. With reshape). Completely change your flow and hairstyle, or recreate what has grown out (10+ weeks). If you have completely grown out of your existing haircut, this haircut is for you to make a complete change. This does not include shampoo or style.

Shape Cut

Follow up on tapered or clipped shaping your existing haircut for 12 weeks or less. Length retention with a fresh start. This option allows you to maintain your shape without taking too much off, just enough to make a healthy start. No shampoo, no style.

ReShape Cut

Follow up with shaping to address split ends as your hair grows. Maintain your existing haircut or length with a fresh start. This option allows you to maintain your shape without taking too much off, but just enough to make a healthy start. No shampoo/ no style.

Deep Conditioners (Added Services)
Hot Oil / Moisturizing

Perfect service to increase the softness of the hair.

Protein & Moisture

Hair breakage? This added service helps reduce breakage by adding strength and moisture to the hair.

Luxury Steam Hydration Treatment Photo Dynamic Therapy

This hair spa treatment produces vaporized steam that circulates around the head, allowing deeper penetration for moisture, color, and conditioning. The vaporized pure water also encourages blood circulation to promote hair growth. The Luxury Micro-Mister Blue Light Therapy is used to kill bacteria that can be the leading cause of your dandruff or psoriasis. The built-in Red-Light therapy treats more serious conditions, like psoriasis, slow-healing wounds, and even the side effects of chemotherapy. Ozone Treatment REDUCES HAIR LOSS & This therapy improves blood circulation and eliminates any microbial infection present in the scalp and hair.

Color With Style
A color consultation must be booked for all color services no less than 48 hours before your appointment
LBE Custom Blend
Customize your color with a variation of highlights and lowlights to create a dimensional contrast. Style equivalent to $100 and treatment included Consultation required
Full Head Double Process

This service is for the blonding process, which can include more than one lightning step. Style equivalent to $100 with treatment included. Consultation required.

Full Head Single Color

One solid color with style equivalent to $100. Treatment included. Consultation required.

Blonde Full Head Retouch

Blonde retouch only for double-process colors. No more than 1-1/2 inches of new growth can be present. Styling is equivalent to $100, and treatment is included. Consultation required.

Crown Single Color

One solid single-process color on the top, style equivalent to $100, and treatment included. Consultation required.

Crown Double Process

This service is for the blonding process for the top only, which can include more than one lightning step and toning. Style equivalent to $100 and treatment included. Consultation required.

Highlights Half of Head

Highlights from ear to ear, style equivalent to $100 and treatment included. Consultation required.

Single Process

Color retouch for single-process colors, no more than 1-1/2 inches of new growth can be present. Styling equivalent to $100 and treatment is included. Consultation required.

Double Process

Color retouch for double-process color, no more than 1-1/2 inches of new growth can be present, styling equivalent to $100 and treatment is included. Consultation required.

Semi Color

It is time to have fun with your color. If you are thinking about trying a new shade, but not sure if you are ready for an intense commitment and are looking to subtly deepen your natural hair color or add a layer of color (such as a red tone on brown hair), a semi-permanent color is your best option. Keep in mind semi-permanents darken hair and adds color. Styling equivalent to $100. Recommended for relaxed hair. Consultation is required.

Demi Color

Change your color or cover grays longer. This hair color can maintain your shade or darken for up to twelve visits, but does not lighten like permanent hair color. Styling equivalent to $100 and treatment included. Consultation required.

Pop of Color (Foils)

Change of pre-lightened hair. Consultation required.

Extra Color
Panel Color
LPE Natural/Naturalist Styles
Shampoo (ONLY)
Shampoo/Conditioner/Blow Dry (NO STYLE)
Shampoo/Conditioner/Reshape (ONLY)
Shampoo/Conditioner/Big Chop (ONLY)
Loc Maintenance
Braids Natural Hair
Natural Twist/ Coil / Out
Natural Wet Set & Style
LBE Extensions
Shampoo and Cut - Curl Definition
Shampoo and Set
Relaxer, Deep Conditioner, Cut, and Style
Trichology Exam

90-minute private consultation that includes confidential medical questionnaire, photographic image of hair loss, physical hair and scalp examination, microscopic hair and scalp exam, diagnosis and treatment plan.

Microscopic Exam (Only) - 60min
A microscopic hair examination determines if a hair was forcibly removed, artificially treated, or diseased. A comparison microscope can be used to compare a questioned hair to a known hair sample in order to determine if the hairs are similar and if they could have come from a common source.
Follow-up (4 weeks) - 45min
Protein Therapy
High Frequency
Scalp Massage
Dry /Flaky Relief
Laser Therapy (LLLT)
Steamer Wellness Center
Essential Oil
Olaplex 1

Rebuilds broken disulfide bonds and begins the process of preventing damage and repairing hair.

Olaplex 2

Continues to rebuild and restore any remaining broken bonds, ensuring the strongest, shiniest, and healthiest hair possible..

Olaplex 3

Dramatically reduces breakage, maintains strength, structure, integrity, softness, and shine.

Home Styling Care
Help Me With My Hair "Vip Consult”

Private 1-on-1 coaching access client needs basic natural hair management hair analysis loc method of moisture protective styling for growth product selection customized hair regimen.

Shampoo & Set

Hair & scalp cleanse, deep condition (hydration), heat protective treatment, blow dry, curl price increased by $15 based on hair density, length, and extra treatment need to be assessed prior to service

Teach Me /style Me Protective Package

This package is for those who desire some education during the styling process. You will leave fully confident and styled in a twisted or braided updo. Includes shampoo and deep hydration condition.

Protein Treatment Package

The package includes a consultation. This treatment rebuilds the hair structure for up to 6 weeks. This is excellent for color-treated or weak hair. Hair is clarified, cleansed, protein treated, deep steam conditioned, moisturized, blow-dried (optional), and styled.

Scalp Detox and Restore Package

The package includes a consultation. The scalp is assessed, scalp buildup removed, scalp hydration, deep cleansing, hydration steam conditioner, light stretch blow dry. Trim with simple halo, dutch or french braid.

Reset My Hair Journey

This package is for existing clients who need a reset in their journey. The package includes a consultation, goals set, length check, scalp detox, strength treatment, hydration conditioner, haircut and style.

Shampoo/ Condition/ Blow Dry (No Style)
Shampoo/ Hot Oil/ Cut (Only)
Shampoo/ Hot Oil/ Big Chop (Only)
Shampoo (Only)
Loc Maintenance
Braids Natural Hair
Flat Twist
This cut is designed to cut split end (frizz & snagging) along the hair shaft while retaining length. Ask stylist if this is a good option for your hair. This does not include a shampoo or hairstyle
Twist Cut (Only) No Style

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