Herbal pH Adjusting Mist

Herbal pH Adjusting Mist

Herbal pH Adjusting Mist

Our herbal pH-adjusting mist is your hair's best friend when it comes to lightweight conditioning, detangling, moisture, and softness. This versatile hair mist also serves as a heat protectant, making it an essential part of your hair care routine. For the best results, use it on clean, towel-dried hair after shampooing and conditioning. Simply shake well, spritz evenly, and enjoy the benefits of this nourishing mist. Keep your hair looking its best with the lightweight yet effective care of our herbal pH-adjusting mist, available in a convenient 8-ounce size for ongoing use. Say hello to beautiful, well-conditioned hair.

Instructions: Apply pH Balancing Mist throughout the hair, concentrating on tangled areas. Proceed with styling.

Great for straight, textured, curly, and afros styles.

Hair Re-Fresher for wet and Go's Spray evenly on styled hair to reactivate curls. Use your fingers to reshape and scrunch curls back into place. Option: layer over or under with Ashtae Moisture Plus for a lightweight finish.


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