The Heavenly Hair Foam is perfect for wet styling. You can use it to wrap your hair before going under the dryer for a quick-dry that leaves no flakes, and no film or residue on the scalp.

Quick-Drying Foam with no alcohol. No white residue or flaking on the scalp after drying.

Apply to wet hair and style or mold to your desire. You can use the Ashtae Heavenly Foam Lotion in a variety of ways. 1 - Use it to mold short hair into a wet wrap 2 - Use it for creating flat twists, two-strand twists, or any twist set 3 - Combine with the Ashtae Moisture Plus to create a curl-defining style (shingling, wash & go, or a diffusion style) 4 - Use the foam to finish a braid style, cornrows, or faux-locs


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