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Follicle Growth Rx is a unique, multi-ingredient hair formula that addresses all the known factors in the balding process. Follicle growth Rx is a multi-agent natural formula and the most potent natural hair growth formula without side effect. This formula is designed specifically to provide nutrients to scalp & Hair.

Follicle Growth Rx Working Mechanism: Hair grows in cycles. The growth cycle lasts several years followed by a resting cycle and finally a fall-out cycle. A full, thick head of hair is due to a rate of hair growth that is greater than or equal to the fall-out. When the growth cycle begins to slow down your hair begins to recede, thin, and shortly after, fall out.

Follicle Growth Rx works internally by keeping your hair in the growth cycle. The result is a thicker, fuller head of hair. Additional benefits of using Follicle growth Rx is that Follicle growth Rx may regulate the sebum secretions in the scalp.

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