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New Client & Combo Services

New Client Services

Relaxer/ Hydration/ Cut – virgin relaxer w/style, hydration treatment and haircut $170
Relaxer/ Haircut/ Semi Color - virgin relaxer w/style, hydration treatment, haircut $200
Natural Big Chop/ Hydration/ Curl Definition - natural styling w/ curl defining (moisturizing or gelee) cream $125
Natural Big Chop/ Color/ Cut - semi color, hydration treatment, natural styling w/ curl defining (moisturizing or gelee) cream $150 (coil /2 stand twist add $35)
Blow Dry or Silk Press/ Color/ Cut - style, semi color, hydration treatment , haircut $175

Combo Services

Help Me With My Hair "VIP Consult"
$100 60 min
Private 1-on-1 coaching Access Client Needs Basic Natural Hair Management Hair Analysis LOC Method of Moisture Protective Styling for Growth Product Selection CUSTOMIZED HAIR REGIMEN.
Teach Me / Style Me Protective Package
$140 up 135 min
This package is for those who desire some education during the styling process. You will leave fully confident and styled in a twisted or braided updo. Includes shampoo, hydration treatment & trim
New Client / Fresh Journey Package
$175 and up 180 min
FOR NEW CLIENTS ONLY: This exclusive package includes a 45 min in depth consultation, customized regimen, hair detox, scalp cleanse, hydration treatment, light blow dry (optional), trim and express braided or twisted updo EXTENSIONS add'l $25+
Protein Treatment Package
$150 and up 120 min
This treatment rebuilds the hair structure for up to 6 weeks. This is excellent for color treated or weak hair. Hair is clarified, cleansed, protein treated, deep steam conditioned, moisturized, blow dried (optional) and styled.
Scalp Detox And Restore Package
$125 and up 120 min
Scalp is Accessed, Scalp Build up Removed/ Scalp Hydration, Deep Cleansing, Hydration Steam, Blow Dry, Trim & Style
Reset My Hair Journey
$150 and up 135 min
This package is for existing clients who need a reset in their journey. The package includes a Hair Analysis, Goals Set, Length Check, Scalp Detox, Strength Treatment, Hydration Conditioner, Light Stretch/Dry, Trim and Style