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La Pearl Testimonials

“I am truly grateful for the professional hair services I have received during the past 11 years. Each style I have worn has been tailored to my lifestyle and needs. The staff has taught me the benefits of a regular maintenance routine and my hair continues to get stronger and healthier. The frequent compliments I receive are a testament to the skills and talents found at La Pearl Beauty Emporium.”

-Mrs. Rhonda

“I have been a client at La Pearl’s Beauty Emporium for over twenty years. I call each visit a therapeutic moment, starting with the shampoo, cut, styling etc. The service is given with a personal touch.”

-Mrs. Walker

“My hair was awful! It was dry, damaged and felt like straw. I needed a touch up for my perm. I was letting my gray hair grow in and letting my dyed hair (reddish brown) grow out. There was a slight bluish tint to my hair from the rinse used on the gray and my original black hair was mixed in between. This was the condition of my hair when I first visited Pearl in December 2008. Pearl talked to me about what I was using in my hair and my health. She explained the prescribed medications that I was taking also had a negative effect on my hair. Her answer was to give me a good basic cut and start to get my hair in better condition. Pearl has been my hair specialist for almost two and a half years now. During this time, she has helped me understand how I contributed to my hair breakage by using too high a setting on my curling iron. My gray hair is much more prominent now and the products that she uses eliminates the need for rinses that leave blue in my hair. My hair, which is coarse and thick, is now growing nicely with no split ends or breakage. It is soft and well conditioned. My husband is happy with my hair and now I get compliments on my hair from both men and women. Pearl, I’d like to take this time to thank you for your concern and expertise in turning my hair situation around.

Signed, A Healthy Head of Hair”